New Performing Arts Season Autumn 2016

For us it is important to never stop talking about mental health and our new performing arts season between October and December is testament to that. Whilst some may be sad to say farewell to summer, Breathe has got plenty to brighten the darkening autumn days and keep winter warm and bright for you. October was off to a vibrant start, with concerts celebrating the colourful Hindu festivals of Navratri and Diwali.

On Monday, October 10, highlighting Mental Health Awareness Day, writer & performer Dolly Sen gathered together a group of friends and performers. They met through their mental health circumstances, and some of the things emerging from those meetings was poetry, music, comedy and story; some award-winning, some private, but all of it showing we share humanity with people, without labels. Liz Bentley who is psychotherapist by day and comedian by night, told her personal stories with the help of the ukulele and the keyboard. Howard Jacques who has been lurking around various London Experimental Music and Arts scenes for the past 25 years, shared personal stories and songs.

November brings performances to both heal and lift the spirits and we finish with a riotous mix of sounds for Hanukkah and Christmas. On November 23, we offer Sound Refuge to our regular Breathe Amplifies… spot. Led by Canadian Markus Michelucci, Sound Refuge is an eclectic mix of performers who come together to play engaging, thoughtful folk music from the calm and reassuring to the passionate and cerebral. They create an alluring world of instrumentation with powerful lead moments, harmonies and hopeful inspiring lyrics.

As a Special Guest visual artist Liz Atkin will accompany the performance. The artist has been raising awareness of Compulsive Skin Picking disorder and mental illness with her #CompulsiveCharcoal art. For her work in de-stigmatising these conditions via public talks, specialist commissions, residencies and exhibitions Liz was was announced as a World Health Innovation Ambassador this year. You can watch her inspiring talks on her YouTube channel. During the Breathe Regularly Performance Liz be offering lightening sketches to members of the audience for free.

Come join us at one of our events and have a look at the vibrant programme here on our timetable.


Article written by Tim
09 Oct 2016