Breathe Regularly April-June 2017 Season Overview

From Sat-01-Apr 12am to Fri-30-Jun 12a

Welcome to Breathe Regularly

These free lunchtime performances are brought to you by Breathe Arts Health Research in partnership with Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity. Our latest season is packed with some extraordinary events given by a host of exceptional artists, musicians, singers and dancers who we are proud to showcase and who will demonstrate how the arts benefits wellbeing no matter who you are. During June, we offer our largest number of events in the pan-London arts and health festival Creativity & Wellbeing Week and we invite you to explore their programme too. Find out more inside. Come and join us in some lively events in our unique hospital venues.

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Over the past years there has been an increasing body of evidence that demonstrates the positive impact the arts has on health and wellbeing. This is not just enjoying the arts passively as casual observer however, but also as being an active participant with a specific goal in mind – to improve health through the use of the arts by choice. Each year there are a growing number of carefully designed and researched projects that make clear and tangible connections between specific arts activities and their positive impact on the body, improving both physical and mental wellbeing. Projects and activities are now scientifically measured and researched with the same rigor and scrutiny that clinical programmes are. These projects can range from using singing to support breathing & respiratory problems or as part of cancer recovery, right through to dance programmes supporting people with Parkinson’s disease, stroke or mental health difficulties. Example of these that are making a huge impact on people lives are those such as the ground-breaking Alchemy dance project, Singing for Better Breathing and the Tenovus Sing with Us Cancer Choirs. Breathe’s own signature programme Breathe Magic sits within these activities and is a unique programme for young people with hemiplegia, using magic as a tool, that is now being clinically commissioned by healthcare services across the UK with impressive results.


Both participation in and getting the right degree of access to a range of arts opportunities can dramatically improve health outcomes by supplementing medicine and care and active engagement can promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing. Additionally, the arts can improve not only the health of people experiencing mental or physical health problems but those that look after them too, both carers and healthcare professionals. Breathe offers a range of activities for all hospital audiences to engage with.



Every year for the last six years a pan-London festival called Creativity and Wellbeing Week takes place in early June celebrating the arts, health and the myriad of positive connections between them. Events cover performances, exhibitions, talks and discussions as well as participatory events. This year we host our largest number of events in this festival – six in all. If you glance through this programme you will find which ones we are offering as part of the public festival. They include concerts of music, singing and dance and involve professional artists alongside patients and staff performing and showcasing their works. We positively encourage participation in the arts so feel free to chat to our team when attending one of our concerts to find out what opportunities might be out there for you!

For more information on all Creativity and Wellbeing Week activities and events, simply pick up a programme booklet at our Breathe Regularly concert or visit their website

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