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This is your chance to make a really big difference. By choosing Breathe as your Charity of the Year, you can raise awareness and money at the same time.

With our sponsors we like to build a relationship that benefits both sides. In return for your support we can offer a wide range of entertaining, informative talks and workshops that provide insight into our work and living with disability. And if you’re ever stuck for fundraising ideas, we can share plenty you may not have heard of before!

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The Unconventional Road to Leadership

A personal take on pursuing your dreams from three unusual leaders – Yvonne Farquharson, Founder of Breathe Arts Health Research, leading magician Laura London and George Say, a teenager with hemiplegia who works as a Breathe Magic Mentor

How We See and Hear Each Other

Richard McDougall, founding member of Breathe and Member of the Inner Magic Circle, explores the importance of communication skills in everyday life.

The Story of the Impossible

Doctor of Magic Will Houstoun shares some of the most remarkable and extraordinary stories in magic.

The Magical Side of Hemiplegia

A child-friendly interactive talk in which a Member of the Inner Magic Circle and a Breathe clinician explain how magic can have a profound effect in helping young people with hemiplegia.

We also offer activities (including A Beginner’s Guide To Magic) and interactive workshops that stimulate discussion on topics such as unusual approaches to teamwork, communication, perception and problem solving.


We’d like to say a massive thank you to the sponsors below for their support and generosity.

2016: The Pooh Corner and Crescent II Kindergartens

2015: Thomas’s Kensington School raised £31,368 for us

Since 2015:

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