Performer Guidelines

BREATHE PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAMME – Guidelines for Prospective Performers

Thank you so much for showing an interest in performing as a part of our Breathe Regularly lunchtime concert programme in hospitals or our Breathe In : Breathe Out residential musician programme in community, in-patient and out-patient units.

Lots of talented performers approach us and we‘re always excited to hear from new artists and, where possible, involve you in our work.

These guidelines explain how the programme runs and how we choose who we work with.


We don’t ask performers to audition, but we do need to ensure you’ll be the right fit for our programmes and meet the high artistic standard we pride ourselves on delivering. So as a minimum we ask for:

  • SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo links so we can see and hear examples of your work
  • Links to or details of venues, concerts and festivals where you are performing/have recently appeared
  • Details of when/where we may be able to see/hear you
  • A brief explanation of what motivated you to contact us about our programmes

If you are suitable for us, here is some more information about the programmes. Please note, not every situation may apply.

BREATHE REGULARLY – Lunchtime Concert Programme

  • We have a limited number of concerts to organise per season – usually two per week.
  • We aim to present a range of performing genres across the whole programme e.g. music, dance, theatre, spoken word and so on.
  • We aim to present a diverse range within each genre. For example, in music we aim to include classical, jazz, folk, contemporary, international, musical theatre and more.
  • Where possible, we like to make a clear link to arts and health for both the audience and the performer.
  • Certain cultural events may influence our choices at different times during the year.
  • Our public venue spaces in hospitals are not appropriate for every type of performance or performer:
    • Acoustics can sometimes be challenging, particularly for some solos/duets or certain softer instruments.
    • Space may be compromised or impractical (such as unsuitable flooring for dancers).
    • The type of performance may not lend itself to ‘open access’ for audience members. For example, some theatrical pieces are best viewed for the entire programme time, which may discourage latecomers or those who need to leave early to attend their clinic appointments.
  • We programme our concerts between 3 to 6 months ahead – often further ahead for certain events – so even if we would like to work with you, it may not be for some time.
  • We have a number of performers, companies and organisations who share our vision of working in arts and health, with whom we have an established relationship and have committed to working with regularly.
  • Where possible we like to offer space to external festivals to come and perform within the programme, allowing people who might not get ready access to such an event to do so in a safe environment.
  • When choosing a performer or activity, we often take into account the opportunities they offer for participation, or to encourage participation, for health and wellbeing benefits.
  • If you’re an artist from abroad, you must be legally allowed to work in the UK and take responsibility for your own permits, tax and VAT payments as well as travel and accommodation costs.
  • Please be aware that even if you are not appropriate for our hospitals programme, we may approach you to explore the possibility of working together on another arts and health project or programme.

BREATHE IN : BREATHE OUT – Residential Musician Programme, performing in clinical spaces

  • We are not currently recruiting for this programme but please do sign up to our newsletter to hear about future opportunities.
  • Participation in this programme is usually by personal invitation and comes about as a result of having previously worked with you (on our public programme, for example), by recommendation from one of our current musicians-in-residence or by introduction via another arts-in-health programme.
  • Performers recruited to this programme are expected to undergo health screening and security (DBS) checks before engagement.
  • In the first instance, new performers are paired with one of our experienced musicians-in-residence to observe, shadow and learn the programme.
  • All musicians-in-residence must attend an annual Breathe training day as part of their commitment to the programme.


Thank you again for your interest – we hope to be able to work with you.