Support for new mothers in Greenwich – a new programme of evidence-based singing workshops to support new mums with postnatal depression

If you’ve had a new baby during 2020, things may not necessarily have gone quite as you were expecting. Having a new baby can be a stressful event at the best of times and with the added pressure of Covid-19 on our society, things may feel harder than ever.

Whilst joining a regular mum and baby group may not currently be available to you, we are able to offer an on-line creative support group for new mums in Greenwich, designed specifically to help combat isolation, boost mood and aid connection with mother and baby. Melodies for Mums run by Breathe Arts Health Research is a set of 6 free, weekly, hour-long singing workshops run specifically for new mothers suffering low mood, stress, anxiety and who may have or are at risk of postnatal depression. They allow women with a shared experience to come together for an hour each week over 6 weeks, to put aside those difficult feelings and simply enjoy being with their baby and sing with other women in a similar situation.

“[it] gives me tools to cope when I feel anxious or trying to calm my baby.”

“It has been the highlight of my week and would highly recommend to every mother.”

Singing has been scientifically proven to be a mood lifter, and research carried out in 2016 by Imperial College and the Royal College of Music proved that a Melodies for Mums style social singing group had a faster and greater impact on recovery of symptoms than regular care.

Project Manager for the programme Tim Osborn said, “The research showed that such an intervention can lead to a 41% reduction in symptoms of PND and a recovery in 73% of mothers who took part.

Breathe set up the Melodies for Mums as a response to this research and has been delivering sessions in Southwark and Lambeth for the last 3 years and are now expanding in 2021 across SE London.

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