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Bach to The Beatles: New Wellbeing Playlists for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Staff

Mon 15 Jun 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Wellbeing Playlists dedicated to the incredible staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

During COVID-19, we acknowledge the additional strain and pressure on staff which can affect mental health. Breathe’s group of resident musicians can usually be found performing in over 80 locations across the Trust in wards, outpatient units and community sites, but are currently unable to continue their visits as normal due to restrictions on healthcare spaces as a result of COVID-19.

Each musician has chosen a theme for their playlist across musical genres including classical, folk, pop and world music, from well-known classics to original music. With over 60 minutes of music to relax, uplift, recharge and unwind, this new series of videos are available to watch and listen to, in the Trust’s Wellbeing Zones, as well as on Breathe’s YouTube channel. We hope staff will recognise some of these familiar faces, many of whom have been playing at the Trust for over 10 years.

Check out the Breathe Wellbeing playlists trailer.

The healing power of music has been demonstrated in numerous scientific and psychological studies evidencing that it can lift our moods, combat depression, lower levels of stress-related hormones and ease pain. These six playlists aim to be a welcome addition in the Rest and Recharge Zones where NHS staff can take some time out from their busy jobs.

Keziah Thomas, harpist and Breathe resident musician said:

“It was a privilege to be invited to curate and record a Wellbeing Playlist for Breathe. I took some quiet time to think about some of the staff and patients I have met as a resident musician over the years and thought about some of the stories I have been told about the power of a break from the day to reflect with some favourite music. The music I chose has been requested by Guys and St Thomas’ NHS staff many times, so I know these pieces have special meaning for many of us.”

Breathe would like to thank Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity for their continued support during this difficult time, enabling us to adapt our programmes and commission this project; and thank you to our contributing musicians: Keziah Thomas (harp), Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas (guitar), Mark Levin (harp), Pavlos Carvalho (cello), Adrian Garratt (violin), ‘ANIMA’: Joanna Foster, Cleo Lane, Camilo Menjura and Barbara Gellhorn.

Watch and listen to all Wellbeing Playlists on our YouTube channel here.

For more information please contact Natalie Craven, Breathe Project Manager

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