As a small not-for-profit social enterprise, Breathe needs your support to ensure we can keep delivering our transformative arts and health programmes. By giving your time, money and influence you will be helping to bring long-lasting change to the lives of those we work with.

Breathe may be small but we have big plans and ambitions. We believe everyone should have access to high quality, creative healthcare, informed by research because we know the difference it can make. We can’t achieve this without your support. We know everyone has something different to offer; for some it’s their time, others their money and some have connections that can open new doors.

We want people to be able to live their best lives, empowered, informed and inspired to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Great things happen when we work together and we’d love for you to be part of the Breathe family.

We are currently recruiting for people to take on fundraising challenges for Breathe

You can find information about the different challenge events here.

There are a range of other ways to support Breathe which you can find out more about below.