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Arts and Health Training

Arts and Health Training

Are you new to arts and health, social prescribing or creative health? Do you want to learn from an award-winning, NHS funded organisation who’ve been designing and delivering evidence-based arts and health programmes for over a decade?

If the answer is yes… read on.

Breathe are well placed as leaders in the arts and health sector to offer training and consultancy packages, training and advising on best practice, programme design and safe and sustainable delivery models.

The creative health and social prescribing sector have seen a huge growth in interest and activity in recent years, and the team at Breathe feel passionately about sharing our extensive experience to ensure the sector grows safely and sustainably.

We offer training and consultancy services to organisations, teams and individuals, sharing best practice, with participant and artist safety at the heart.

Today gave me a lot of hope about what is possible for arts and health on an international scale.
Nils Fietje, Research Officer, WHO Europe

We’re proud to have trained staff from the World Health Organisation, teams from all over the world including Denmark, Italy and Romania, as well as across the UK including King’s College London, NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care System and Wandsworth Council commissioned training for arts organisations across the borough.

We have delivered training on the following:

  • Arts & Health 101
  • What is Social Prescribing?
  • Social Enterprise, Modelling & Scale-Up
  • Breathe’s Approach to Programme Design
  • Sustainability through Research & Evaluation
  • Exploring Barriers to Participant Recruitment
  • The Power of Networks
  • Developing and Supporting Practitioners
  • National & Local Funding Picture
  • Interactive Bid Writing Workshop

By choosing Breathe as your training provider, you will not only get high quality innovative training, but you will be doing something amazing at the same time! 100% of Breathe’s profits are directly re-invested back into our work improving health and wellbeing in the community.

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