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Would you like to help make real magic happen?

We offer an exciting volunteering opportunity for student, graduate and qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to become Magic Trainers, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people with hemiplegia, on our award-winning Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme. 

What is the Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme?

The programme is an innovative intervention, incorporating specially selected magic tricks that provoke specific two-handed actions, performance and problem-solving skills into a bimanual intensive therapy programme with specific goal practice (such as tying shoelaces or using cutlery) for young people with hemiplegia – a predominantly one-sided body weakness following a congenital or acquired brain injury. Not only is this a fun and unique programme for you to be a part of, but it’s a great way to gain paediatric neurology experience and be part of a journey that supports young people to develop their independence, self-confidence, and hand skills.

How will I be supported and what experience will I gain?
With support from Rebecca Johnson and Rebecca Fortescue (Joint Clinical Lead Occupational Therapists), Magic Trainers support us in providing tailored therapy in a group setting for 16 young people (aged between 7 – 19 years). Specifically, Magic Trainers offer support and strategies to the young people whilst they practice their magic tricks and two-handed activities such as fastening shirt buttons, tying shoelaces, and cutting up food.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with young people with a range of clinical presentations, whilst being supported to consider factors such as muscle tone, weakness, range of movement, scaling of and adapting activities based on varying presentations and needs, as well as many other factors applicable within a paediatric neurological setting. This is an opportunity to develop your practical skills in supporting upper limb motor learning and goal-oriented interventions, as well as developing your verbal and written clinical communication skills.

When and where will the programme take place, and what is the commitment?

For 2024, the programme will take place from Monday 5th – Friday 16th August 2024, at Sea Containers London on the South Bank in Central London. We ask for volunteers to commit to the full 10 days of the programme to offer the young people on the programme consistency to ensure they gain maximal therapeutic outcomes. Also, where possible, we ask our volunteers to join us for the follow-up Breathe Magic Club on Saturday 30th November 2024.

What will I receive from this opportunity?

Before the programme commences, you will receive a day’s training from our Clinical Leads and Programme Manager (delivered on Zoom) to prepare you for the programme, discussing in depth the clinical reasoning, evidence base, support strategies and programme logistics. During the programme, you will work alongside our Joint Clinical Lead Occupational Therapists receiving mentoring and the opportunity to ask questions and develop your skills. As a thank you, we will invite you to attend an optional evening CPD training session which will further develop your knowledge of upper-limb motor learning intensive therapy models (worth £200) led by our Clinical Leads. We also provide a letter of commendation and a CPD certificate for your file following the training

All the above will be fabulous for your CV in terms of knowledge and clinical experience. As well as the enjoyment you’ll get from seeing the young people grow and develop their independence and skills, you will also learn how to perform some magic tricks to wow your friends and family!

The use of magic in therapy is fascinating. I've seen the results, if you can engage someone through enjoyment, the outcomes are incredible.
Josephine, Occupational Therapy Student & Magic Trainer

Ready to apply?

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For more information about the role, download our FAQs and Magic Trainer role description below.

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