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Breathe Magic Trainer

Would you like to help make real magic happen?

We offer an exciting volunteering opportunity for student, graduate and professional Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapists to become Magic Trainers, transforming the lives of young people with hemiplegia on our award-winning Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme. 

By becoming a Magic Trainer, you will work alongside our Clinical Leads to provide invaluable hands-on therapy that supports young people’s independence, upper limb skills as well as promoting mental wellbeing through the art of Magic.  

The programme consists of a 10-day intensive Magic camp, where participants learn to become young magicians and practice bimanual activities needed in daily life. This includes tying shoelaces, cutting up food, pouring drinks and doing up zips and buttons. Not only is this a fun and unique programme to be a part of, it’s a great way to gain paediatric neurology experience and be part of a journey that creates life-long change for young people living with hemiplegia.  

As a thank you for volunteering, we will provide a letter of commendation, a certificate of participation for your CPD file and half day CPD training from our Clinical Leads.

The use of magic in therapy is fascinating. I've seen the results, if you can engage someone through enjoyment, the outcomes are incredible.
Josephine, Occupational Therapy Student & Magic Trainer

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For more information about the role, download our FAQs and Magic Trainer role description below.

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