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Breathe Magic Into Your Work

Breathe Magic Into Your Work

What has a magician got to do with your organisation?

All magicians are required to perform with impact, intrigue, and credibility to captivate their audiences. You too can learn the magic behind their communication and presentation skills to enhance your impact at work.

Breathe Magic Into Your Work offers a unique opportunity for staff working across a range of industries to practice, develop and improve their communication, presentation and team-building skills from a refreshingly different perspective. Delivered by a team of Magic Circle Magicians and Body Language Specialists, we use the principles of magic as a tool to teach highly effective communication techniques, enabling all staff to be more efficient and productive in their workplace. Our trainers have a proven track record of working with some of the largest companies in the world (BP, Nokia, PWC) to improve both individual and team performance.

We offer packages on:  

  • Communications, Body Language & Presentation Training
  • Pitching & Presentations Masterclass
  • One-to-One Presentation Coaching 
  • Teambuilding & Wellbeing

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By booking with us, you are helping us help more people. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, any profits made from our training programmes are reinvested to enable us to reach more young people who’ve had a brain injury or stroke through our life-changing magical therapy programme. 

Read on to find out more about the packages we offer. 

I, like some others, was maybe slightly sceptical about how exactly magic would help within a workplace and how transferable the skills would be. I couldn't have been more wrong - this was one of the most useful training sessions I have ever had.
Participant, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Communications, Body Language & Presentation Skills

This  full day training programme is taught by exceptional Magic Circle Magicians who will lead you and your team through a series of fun, engaging and extremely effective interactive exercises.  

By the end of your day with us, your staff will develop:  

  • The ability and understanding of how to engage an ‘audience’ and maintain their attention
  • Greater awareness of their own style of verbal and non-verbal interaction, and the impression this creates on those around them
  • Confidence to deliver their communication skills with clarity and assurance
  • New skills and techniques to inspire employee productivity
  • A greater sense of team rapport

With your new-found confidence in presenting and storytelling – not to mention a few magical secrets up your sleeve – your confidence in winning over customers and colleagues will soar.  

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Watch our Breathe Magic Into Your Work trailer to see the magic in action

Pitching & Presentations Masterclass

Present with confidence and clarity with our magic masterclass. 

To excel at impactful pitches or presentations, you must tell a convincing story. Doing so requires speaking with confidence, clarity and intrigue, all of which are as much a part of a Magician’s toolkit as playing cards and sleight of hand.

In this inspiring and unique take on presentation skills training, you will work with a Magic Circle Magician to learn about what great storytelling means and how you can connect with and move an audience. This half-day masterclass (seminar style) is taught through a series of interactive exercises which are guaranteed to make you think differently about your own style of presenting, pitching and communicating.

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I was not sure what to expect today, but I am astounded at how relevant magic is to understanding our presentation skills.
Participant, Rotaract London

One-to-One Presentation Coaching 

Do you dread presentations, loathe public speaking or feel you’re not connecting with your ‘audience’ in the way you’d like to? Communication skills are key to success, in business and in personal development. Finding space and time to learn these skills, practice them and then develop your own unique style is vital.  

 In our one-to-one expert coaching sessions, we provide a safe and supportive space for you to learn from the very best, practice your skills, receive constructive feedback and further refine your communication and pitching skills.  

 Our coaching will equip you with: 

  • An understanding of how to structure and deliver your message with confidence, clarity and conciseness
  • An ability to inject your presentations with personality and authenticity, effectively engaging and inspiring your audiences
  • Strengthening your observation and non-verbal communication skills to build audience rapport
  • Receiving kind, supportive, and constructive feedback to replace presentation nerves with self-assurance and self-belief

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It was refreshing to see my colleagues (and myself) getting out of our routines and doing something completely different, as well as experiencing an innovative approach to communications which I will be able to use in the future.
Participant, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Teambuilding & Wellbeing 

A unique and unconventional way for teams to bond through the art of magic. 

Join our world-class Magic Circle magicians for a session of fun, magic, and memory-making. This interactive workshop will support your team to reconnect, learn more about each other and absorb new skills as they learn some magic of their own. Learning magic is an incredible levelling experience as very few have experienced this before and is guaranteed to bring lots of laughter, smiles, and joy to your team. 

This workshop will: 

  • Leave your team energised, excited, and connected
  • Equip your team with a new magic skill to perform for friends, family, and colleagues
  • Give an opportunity to see a professional magician delivering world-class magic
  • Provide a unique, fun, and surprising experience unlike anything other

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