We are super proud that our Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme has been selected as one of only two recipients nationally for the The Good Thinking Society’s ‘The Good Magic Awards’, run by Professor Richard Wiseman. There is no greater accolade which recognises the use of magic for social good, so this is very exciting to have won!

All of the judges were extremely impressed with the Breathe Magic application. The work involves some of the country’s most experienced magicians using carefully designed tricks to provide positive, and life changing, help to children with hemiplegia. This work has been supported by several scientific publications, and we are delighted to celebrate the high quality of their work with a 2020 Good Magic Award.” Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist, Author and Magician.

Whilst we are sadly not able to run Breathe Magic camps this year or celebrate our 10 year Breathe Magic anniversary as we had planned, this is a brilliant way to celebrate all of the lives that the Breathe Magic Programme has transformed, and we are so delighted that 10 years on we are still receiving awards for this programme!

The support from The Good Thinking Society through The Good Magic Award will help promote awareness of our innovative Breathe Magic programme within the magic sector, and wider community.

As well as awareness raising, this award will contribute to the success of our next Breathe Magic camp in Easter 2021, using the award money to purchase the specialist equipment and selection of magic tricks and props needed for the young magicians throughout the programme.  Without these specialist supplies, we would not be able to deliver this life-changing therapy programme.

A huge thank you to The Good Thinking Society and Richard Wiseman for believing in us at Breathe Arts Health Research, and to all of our magicians, volunteers, occupational therapists, young magicians and families for believing in magic!