16 year-old Cameron from Edinburgh was born with right-sided hemiplegia, so his right hand plays a supporting role. Before attending the Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Foundation programme, he found actions such as putting on gloves very difficult. But now he can do things his mother Anna never thought he’d manage, like opening a ring-pull on a can and doing up zips and buttons.

His experience at the camp has also resulted in him communicating more openly with his mother and helped improve their relationship.

“Often our conversations involve me asking the questions and Cameron answering in abrupt sentences! But on the bus ride back to our accommodation he was so excited about it all. He kept asking me questions like ‘Which trick did I like best?’ and telling me how excited he was to meet Dynamo, who is a real inspiration to him.” – Anna, Cameron’s Mum

Anna admits she had a tendency to do things for Cameron out of habit, such as cutting up his meat. However since the camp (as happens with many parents of participants) her perception of Cameron’s abilities has changed, and she now gives him more space to try things on his own.

“He’s always said he’s not that bothered about his right hand, but we’re now amazed that at 16 years of age he finally has some independence. He’s even started getting his clothes out ready for school the next day and making his own packed lunch.”