Lara has been part of the Breathe family for 12 years, she joined one of the very first Breathe Magic camps as a Young Magician and since then has become a Breathe Magic Mentor.

Lara has been able to use her own experiences of living with hemiplegia to support and encourage the young people on the camp to help them feel comfortable and to achieve their goals.

“Breathe has helped me see my disability from an entirely different perspective. Previously my arm was something to hide.  But now it is something I am proud of. I faced many barriers and internal struggles growing up. When I came to camp I was encouraged all the time to make my disability visual, to talk about and to use it. Thinking about it in this way has completely changed my outlook. It’s something that I don’t try and conceal anymore and if I don’t use my arm, it’s just making my life worse and that’s no good to anyone.”

One of Lara’s favourite things about mentoring is being able to relate to the young people and offer them encouragement, understanding, and an ear to listen.

“It’s incredibly fun to be on the other side watching the young people change in front of your eyes. When you come back as a mentor you can really see the magic!”