“In my opinion, the Breathe team provide fantastic therapy by combining an incredibly fun and creative approach in order to enhance hand function and psychosocial wellbeing.

They created an energetic environment which meant the camp did not have a clinical or medical feel at all. Over the course of the 10 days, I saw incredible changes in the young people, not only in terms of their bimanual hand use but also in their confidence and social interaction skills.

The tricks they learned were perfectly selected so that all of the young people could achieve success in one way or another, but also to help develop their skills for daily living. By day 10, each child had evolved into a dazzling young magician and grown as an individual.

As a student who had mainly experienced very clinical ward-based interventions, it opened my eyes to how something as unique as magic can be used to empower children and adults by providing holistic and therapeutic benefits.

During and since the Breathe Magic camp, I have felt more passionate than ever before about becoming a successful Occupational Therapist. I honestly think this is down to working with those young magicians, whose determination and positive attitudes were simply remarkable.

With the support of the incredibly skilled and helpful Breathe team, and of course the young magicians, I’ve gained additional practical skills and experience beyond my university studies, which I hope will contribute to both my personal and academic development.

I’m incredibly excited to continue to volunteer with Breathe at their monthly Magic Clubs for the young magicians and look forward to seeing Breathe’s expansion into more areas of practice in the future.”

Jo – Occupational Therapy Student & Volunteer Magic Trainer

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