Eight year-old Nancy has right-sided hemiplegia as a complication of being born prematurely. Although she goes horse riding and loves running and dancing, the lack of function in her affected hand makes everyday tasks like cutting up food and putting on shoes difficult.

Her mum Tracey says that Nancy sometimes rebels when she’s asked to do her exercises, or simply gives up because she becomes frustrated with the task. Before Nancy attended the Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Foundation Programme, her parents would have to prompt her to use her affected hand, but now she’s remembering to try to use it herself.

“Breathe Magic camp is just brilliant. It’s amazing watching the children try so hard. We’ve lived with Nancy’s hemiplegia for eight years and it’s part of who she is, but I never expected to see such a massive change in her abilities.” – Nancy’s Mum, Tracey

Nancy’s twin Lola takes part in athletics, swimming and ballet, but Nancy has had her fair share of time in the spotlight too. She won a medal in the Riding for the Disabled Olympics and, thanks to her involvement in our programme, she performed in the final Breathe Magic show at the world-famous Magic Circle theatre in London and met celebrity magician Dynamo.

“I think about how far she has come in just two short weeks. She has mastered skills that would have once eluded her – she can now tie her own shoelaces, make a fruit salad and even fasten a button – and she has also learnt a whole host of super-cool magic tricks and made an army of friends too.” – Nancy’s Mum, Tracey