We are very excited to share our jam-packed programme of music and dance from across the globe, in our upcoming Breathing Spaces Autumn season. A host of exceptional artists, musicians, singers and dancers bring colour and vibrancy to both the public and hidden spaces of Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals – whether you need to be uplifted, relaxed or inspired, we have something to do just that!

Guitarist Pablo Dominguez fills St Thomas’ Central Hall with Flamenco flavours, Magpie Dance returns with a unique performance to mark Remembrance Day and an added extra this season from our friends at Dance Umbrella, who bring The Urban Playground team to Guy’s Courtyard with a dynamic dance and parkour display.

The Breathe Arts Health Research community continues to expand in more ways than one as we introduce a sprinkling of new artists set to make their Breathing Spaces debut, including Jazz-scene rising stars James Davison and Misha Mullov-Abbado. Breathe have been working alongside Guy’s and St Thomas’ Respiratory team for our new Singing for Breathing Group, which has significantly grown in size and confidence. And, we have met with Guy’s and St Thomas’ staff interested in helping us to shape our programme and speaking with inspiring patients about their Breathe experiences – thank you Stephanie for sharing your story with us (check it out here)

For all of our October-December Performing Arts events including our full Breathing Spaces line up, check out our new digital brochure, and be sure to keep updated with the latest news by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @BreatheAHR.

The Performing Arts Programme is delivered by Breathe Arts Health Research and made possible with support from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.