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Breathe Melodies for Mums

Our free group singing programme for new mothers (and their babies), looking to boost emotional and mental wellbeing

Based on ground-breaking research by the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London, Breathe Melodies for Mums offers a unique, supportive, and empowering approach, that puts mothers at the heart.

The first few weeks of motherhood can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. It is not uncommon for new mothers to feel anxious, stressed and unsure of what to do. While this is a totally normal reaction, it is important to know that if these feelings are ongoing, it could be a sign of postnatal depression.

Why not try our Breathe Melodies for Mums programme and experience the joy of singing together with other women and their babies? Not only will you find yourself surrounded by a supportive group of women facing similar experiences, but you will also discover new ways of expressing yourself through music, without fear of judgement.

The sessions really increase your energy levels and mood. There was no stigma. We were all just there singing and trying to find ourselves through the music. They reminded me that as a mum, you have to count yourself as important.
Jenny, Breathe Melodies for Mums Participant Read more

Our weekly singing sessions have been proven to energise and uplift, helping to improve your self-confidence and strengthen the bond between you and your baby, all whilst learning a new skill!

Breathe Melodies for Mums programmes run all year round and across London. To secure your spot, register now as spaces are limited. See our current programmes below. 

South East London Programmes - Southwark

Register interest in our next FREE 10-week programme for new mums with babies aged 0-9 months. Please note these programmes are open to Southwark residents only.

  • Starting October 2024 (Peckham Rye) - Date/Time TBC Rye Oak Children & Family Centre, SE15 3PD
  • Starting October 2024 (Bermondsey) - Date/Time TBC Ellen Brown Children & Family Centre, SE1 3BW

South West London Programmes - Wandsworth

Register interest in our next FREE 10-week programme for new mums with babies aged 0-9 months. Please note these programmes are open to Wandsworth residents only.

  • Starting October 2024 (Battersea) - Date/Time TBC Yvonne Carr Centre, SW8 4HT

North East London Programmes - Tower Hamlets

Register interest in our next FREE 10-week programme for new mums with babies aged 0-9 months in Tower Hamlets and neighbouring boroughs

  • Date/Time TBC Collingwood Children's Centre, E1 5QT

South East London Programmes - Lambeth

Register interest in our next FREE 10-week programmes for new mums with babies aged 0-9 months in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs

  • Date/Time TBC Sunnyhill Children & Family Centre, SW16 2UW

Winter / Spring Online Programme

Register interest in our next FREE 10-week programme for new mums based outside of London with babies aged 0-12 months

  • Date/Time TBC via Zoom


Results show participation can lead to recovery of postnatal depression in 73% mothers who take part

The sessions have supported hundreds of women to improve their wellbeing over the last three years and Breathe Melodies for Mums has achieved international recognition for its innovative approach.

Our programme has been used as a lead example of best practise in arts and health in training, book chapters, research studies, and press coverage, including features in The Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian.

Read more about the research behind the programme.

I thought Melodies for Mums was amazing, at the end of every session I felt confident, calmer and happier. At first, I was just singing to keep up with everyone. We sounded great quickly, it helped that two of the group already had singing experience. I, on the other hand, had no experience at all, my only experience was singing hymns at school. But it didn’t matter, we all sounded great in the end, including me!
Maartje, Breathe Melodies for Mums Participant Read more


After just six weeks of singing, mums had experienced a decrease of nearly 35% in their symptoms. 65% no longer had moderate-severe symptoms

Frequently asked questions

The programme is designed for women experiencing low mood, anxiety, stress, social isolation or symptoms of postnatal depression with babies aged 9 months or below. On registration, we’ll send you a health and wellbeing questionnaire to understand where participants are at when joining the programme, as well as any additional support required. 

The sessions take place weekly led by an arts and health music specialist and a member of our teamThey are an hour in length, we’ll spend around 45 minutes singing with opportunities to chat and check-in throughout. All participants will receive a welcome pack in advance so you know what to expect.

Participants are not required to have any previous singing ability. We’ll slowly introduce very simple songs and melodies with the option to try harmonies later in the programme once you’ve built your confidence!  

Not necessarily, if your baby needs to sleep or feed during the sessions they are very welcome to.

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