Singing for Lung Health during COVID-19 - Breathe

Singing for Lung Health during COVID-19

Wed 27 Jan 2021

Breathe Arts Health Research are pleased to release a series of four short films about Breathe Sing for Lung Health, an arts and health intervention for patients with long-term lung and respiratory conditions.

This new series of videos follows the story of four Breathe Sing participants: Alan, Santa, Maria and Andy, each with very different experiences of breathlessness. Watch them below.


Originally developed in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS respiratory team through which patients continue to be referred, Breathe Sing aims to improve lung health and help manage symptoms of breathlessness through physical warm-ups, vocal exercises and group singing led by a vocal coach. Adapted for online delivery at the start of COVID-19, the programme has flourished and also become a place of social connection, helping combat isolation.

“I don’t care what anyone says, singing for breathing is singing for living!” Maria, Breathe Sing participant.

Particularly vulnerable during the pandemic, the group has continued to report positive impacts, motivation and engagement, benefiting from the increased regularity of sessions. During COVID-19, 93% report highly positive impacts on their wellbeing, 80% report a positive sense of connection and 93% report a positive impact on their experience of life at home.

The group has continued to welcomed new members through lockdown, including patients experiencing symptoms of ‘long-COVID’ and breathing difficulties having been on a ventilator:

“The singing session today was great – I truly enjoyed it. COVID-19 left me in such despair - I thought I have to give up singing forever. However today’s session gave me hope and boosted my confidence level.” Breathe Sing participant

Breathe Arts Health Research hope to provide a blended offer of both online and in-person sessions in future to increase accessibility to the programme. Breathe Sing for Lung Health is open to Guy’s and St Thomas’ lung and respiratory patients.