How do would you like a more relaxed, connected, refreshed and productive team? Sound good? Read on…

Breathe have delivered tailored staff wellbeing workshops and activities for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what teams and individuals need to unwind, recharge, reconnect and have fun.

We expertly design and deliver interactive arts workshops to support and improve the wellbeing of your staff.

Staff wellbeing workshops and activities include:

  • Mini-harp workshops
  • Poetry for processing
  • Creative drawing workshops
  • Pop-Up performance sessions
  • Breathe Dance for mind and body
  • Singing for stress relief

This is just a flavour of what we offer so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can deliver workshops and activities which support the wellbeing of your team.

By choosing Breathe as your training provider, you will not only get high quality innovative training for your team, but you will be doing something amazing at the same time! 100% of Breathe’s profits are directly re-invested back into our work improving health and wellbeing in the community.