What were you studying when you completed a placement with Breathe and why did the placement appeal to you?

I was made aware of Breathe AHR during my Masters in Health Psychology at University College London (UCL) and I chose to do my placement on the Melodies for Mums programme. The reason why I chose Melodies for Mums was because of the emphasis placed on using singing to improve the well-being of mothers. Alongside this, as I am very passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health, I appreciated the stance Breathe has on improving mental and physical health through creative methods based on innovative research.

What did you do on your placement with Breathe?

During the first two months of my placement, I was responsible for recruiting mothers from baby clinics for the Melodies for Mums programme. I was required to effectively and sensitively explain the programme to mothers in order to provide them with the opportunity to partake in the programme. After the recruitment process, I was able to organise and join the singing sessions every week, which allowed me to build a strong rapport with the mothers and their babies.

The opportunities I have been provided with during my time at Breathe has been immense. The staff were great at helping me widen my experiences.

What were some of your highlights during your placement?

One of my highlights of working on Melodies for Mums was seeing the positive changes in the mothers by the end of the sessions, compared to the first session. Although there are many singing programmes out there for mothers and babies, there is none that has a focus on the mothers’ well-being. This is why Melodies for Mums is unique and why all of the mothers that take part cannot praise the programme enough.

My experience at Breathe however, would not have been the same without the amazing Breathe team. The opportunities I have been provided with during my time at Breathe has been immense. The staff were great at helping me widen my experiences through working on the many programmes facilitated by Breathe alongside Melodies for Mums such as the Breathe Magic programme. Their enthusiasm for what they do has been inspirational and has motivated me to be creative in my approach to improving mental and physical health. I believe Breathe is an integral part of improving healthcare for everyone.

What are you doing now?

I have now completed my Master’s degree and I am aspiring to be a clinical psychologist. I am enthusiastic about working with a wide range of people and hope to make a positive impact in healthcare. Due to my time at Breathe, I will always aim to integrate the arts into my future practices as a psychologist.